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Architect Stretched Canvas Print

Architect Stretched Canvas Print

$ 99.99

These beautiful giclee canvas prints are ready to hang. Of all the forms of reproducing art, giclee prints are the highest quality currently available with super fine details and highly accurate color matching of archival quality. Vajra Works carefully with a renowned printer for Disney artists to bring you art as close to the original paintings as possible. All Giclee prints feature a UV protective satin coating; satin finish protects the print and gives a beautiful luster and depth to the surface. Stretched on 3/4" bars unless otherwise noted. Custom size stretched canvas prints available on request; to place a custom order, please contact Vajra@altaroftheheart.com.

“The Architect” by Vajra and Jonathan Solter, portrays a world between worlds, a space of pure creative potential; the studio for the painter of reality and Architect of the universe. The Architect has just created the seed of humanity, the first human soul, before division and history. Depicted in a glowing orb of pearlescent whirling energy, the Human accepts the gift and responsibility of form and function, ready to embark on its journey of existence, the first steps of which lie behind the third eye of the architect. Gatekeepers on either side of the staircase welcome the Human Being through a stargate culminating in the whirling singularity at the heart of the cosmic crown, represented by the glowing lotus in the center of the galactic disk. My goal with this painting was to help us remember we really are special. We came into existence for a reason and it is our duty to remember to live a life of purpose, a life of heart, a life guided by the same creative force that brought us into existence. For we are all Architects now, cocreating the world around us; let us work toward a brilliant future while we have these gifts, these bodies, that let our souls do the work we were created for.

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