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Kālakūṭa Poster

Kālakūṭa Poster

$ 20.00

12"x18"""Kālakūṭa" Poster on Cardstock. Image is set within a black border for easy matting/framing. Title text and artist credit in lower border can be matted over and still maintain an even black border around image. no text in image. signed option available.

"Kālakūṭa" depicts the potentially world destroying Taurid Meteor Stream (TMS) circa 2030. We pass through this stream twice a year and have been doing so for at least 12.5 thousand years- since large fragments within the TMS struck the North American and European Icecaps ending the last ice age. Normally, they are nothing more than a spectacle in the sky around October and around in May, however, scientists have identified a cloud of more than 100 meteors at least a kilometer wide, ranging up to 30km! Earth will pass through this portion around 2030. Here Shiva and his bull Nandi (overlaid over the Taurus constellation, the point in our nights sky from which the TMS enters) watch over the crossing of these paths. In certain myths, Shiva represents the destroyer, inn others the savior of earth from cosmic events. It is said that during the turning of this world age, we have a choice in how things go...will we choose to fight in myopic darkness, ignoring the warnings to end in flame and rise from the ashes, or will we work together to save ourselves, our progress, and our planet, uniting our minds against the very real obstacles before us. That is the question this painting asks. Which fate will we choose?

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