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“Stillness in the Center” original painting

“Stillness in the Center” original painting

$ 1,111.11

“Stillness at the Center” 2020 acrylic on wood 12”x12”

this painting was made for someone wishing to remain centered and calm in any situation, a focal point to remind you that all is within and all is well 

I believe art is magic and we are all programming reality together. This week’s painting focuses on bringing us all back to our center where we can do the most good for one and all. “Stillness at the Center” was Intentionally crafted from a jumbled mess of paint (swipe to see the process) the world is in a state of chaos, and I wanted the base layer to reflect this. However, every one of us simultaneously writes the code of our own life and the collective; we can bring order to the chaos not just for ourselves but for all of that is what we choose. The crystalline structure represents the #tesseract of reality - a living crystal lattice of consciousness. Through it you can still see the mess, but it’s illuminated by the glowing core in the center which represents a person in their place of power, unaffected and undaunted by whatever is happening outside, cultivating their reality for the good of all others. In these times of stress and panic, if we focus on that, that’s what we amplify in our own lives and the world at large. I’m not saying to ignore the very real problems we all face, I’m suggesting we can transcend them by focusing on what we want to create, what we want to emerge. 

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