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“Try me” poster

“Try me” poster

$ 20.00

Poster on card stock

No matter what storm surrounds you, stay centered, it’s all here for you and you are the saurce if you’re own flame. feel this painting is particularly relevant right now. It began as a chaotic smearing of leftover paints on scrap canvas, working with chaos until one day in an “aha” moment, I clearly saw the Buddha under the Boddhi tree at the moment of his enlightenment. Bringing order to chaos, finding meaning in madness. As the story goes, a demon named Mara was testing the Buddha on his journey toward self realization, launching an army of darkness to throw the Buddha off track. But instead of seeing the storm as separate from himself, he realized he was everything, and in that, nothing could harm him. In these times it might be hard to feel that this is happening for us not too us, but we too are everything. Don’t let Mara fool you. Don’t let the demons keep you from being you. Take this time to go inside and feel yourself as everything.

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