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Tzab Ek Original painting

Tzab Ek Original painting

$ 44,444.44

Original painting 24"x36" on cradled board. 

"Tzab Ek" tells on of the many thread's of humanity's past relationships with Extra Terrestrials. The Maya say that everything that made them a civilization, their math, language, agriculture, calendar etc. were brought to them by a being from the Plieades Cluster, or "Tzab Ek" as they called it. Featured is the 'Mayan Emissary' to the Plieades, bedecked in ornaments depicting feathered serpents, ETs and their spacecraft, as well as captive black hole technology and a scene onto depicting a man in a state of psychic communication, vectoring in an ET at the Top of the Pyramid of Kukulkan.

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