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“World tree (that shelters all people)” original painting

“World tree (that shelters all people)” original painting

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“World tree (that shelters all people)” 2018 acrylic on wood 5”x7” framed.

Based on a painting I saw in a dream. I was tasked to teach kids art, to have them paint a “world tree” and while I was demonstrating how to paint with my back turned to the class, frustrated with my failing efforts, I turned around and a young boy was directing a team of small children on a Buddhist style scroll painting. This was more or less how it looked except in red, poking out from the swirling haze on the earth, were patches of finely modeled examples of indigenous art from around the world. I asked the little boy what he called it and he said “the world tree that shelters all people” theirs was way better than mine. I gotta say. Still, I like it.

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